Canoeing & Kayaking In Jupiter

Canoeing, Kayaking, and Paddleboarding in Jupiter, Florida

The beautiful lakes and ponds in Jupiter and its surrounding areas provide the perfect setting for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. With year-round pleasant weather, featuring bright blue skies, mild temperatures, and gentle breezes, this outdoor activity is a joy for all seasons.

Exploring our waterways offers a treat for bird watchers, with a variety of avian species gracing the skies. Keep an eye out for magnificent creatures like great blue herons, hawks, ospreys, spoonbills, brown pelicans, egrets, and seagulls, which are commonly spotted during your adventures.

For the most captivating canoeing and kayaking experience, look no further than the Loxahatchee River. Recognized as a National Wild and Scenic River since 1985, it’s a true natural gem. To fully appreciate the tranquility and avoid crowds, it’s advisable to plan your outings on quieter days and steer clear of busy summer weekends.

Don’t be surprised if you encounter alligators along the way. While smaller gators may take a nervous plunge into the water upon sighting your kayak, be especially cautious during their mating season from mid-April through May. During this period, male alligators can become more territorial and assertive. Keep in mind that baby gators typically hatch in September, and their protective mothers may be nearby, so exercise extra caution while enjoying the sight of these primitive creatures.

As you explore, you’ll come across picturesque waterfalls, each featuring decks with steps for those who prefer to portage around them. Some adventurous souls even use these decks to carry their boats upstream, creating a thrilling experience by navigating the falls repeatedly.

A must-visit destination on your journey is Trapper Nelson, located within Jonathan Dickinson State Park. This site was once the home of a trapper who lived there for an astonishing 38 years, from 1936 until his mysterious death. Here, you’ll find picnic tables, restrooms, and the well-preserved remains of his homes and grounds. Trapper Nelson’s location marks the beginning of the tidal estuary, a point at which you’ll notice a significant shift in the river’s nature as it transitions to saltwater. The surroundings will expand, and you’ll be greeted by the majestic presence of gnarled trees along the banks. Expect to encounter even more bird species in this area, including ospreys and various seabirds, further enhancing your outdoor adventure.

Here are some spots to visit:

Riverbend Park Canoe / Kayak Launch & Rentals

9060 W Indiantown Rd,

Jupiter, FL 33478

I had a fantastic time kayaking at Riverbend Park. I went out with my friends, and we rented kayaks for a few hours. The staff there was incredibly helpful and even provided us with a map of the area since it was our first visit. However, one thing that struck me as unusual was the absence of trash cans in the park, which meant we had to be extra cautious about keeping the area clean.

The real highlight of our kayaking adventure was the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of the park. We paddled under the majestic cypress trees, which added a serene and picturesque touch to the whole experience. We also encountered a plethora of wildlife during our trip, making it even more memorable.

Jonathan Dickinson Canoe Launch & Rentals

16450 SE Federal Hwy,

Hobe Sound, FL, United States

My visit to Jonathan Dickinson State Park was a remarkable outdoor experience. The park offers an impressive array of activities to enjoy, from hiking and biking to kayaking, canoeing, and even boat rentals. It was a great opportunity to choose our adventure and cater to different interests.

Exploring the well-maintained nature trails, I felt truly connected to nature. It’s a fantastic place for those who appreciate the outdoors, and I couldn’t help but be captivated by the park’s natural beauty.

What I found particularly convenient was the rental services for kayaks, canoes, and bikes. It meant that visitors who didn’t have their own equipment could still enjoy the park’s diverse activities without any hassle.

Also, while the rental process was generally smooth, the kayaks lacked backrests. This made my kayaking experience somewhat uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but wish for more ergonomic equipment.

Sawfish Bay Park Canoe / Kayak Launch

1133 N. Alternate A1A 

Jupiter, FL 33458

My visit to this park had its positives and negatives. On the bright side, it’s a convenient spot for kayakers and paddleboarders with easy access, offering a brief paddle to shallow sandbars teeming with wildlife. The park provides amenities like restrooms, picnic areas, and pleasant waterway views, making it a comfortable destination for a day out.

However, the park’s proximity to the road made it a bit noisy. The situation turned less favorable as night fell. We encountered homeless individuals living on sailboats along the bay, which was unsettling. Additionally, an incident with a stranger approaching us in a suspicious manner raised safety concerns. Nighttime visits, particularly alone, are not recommended.

Dubois Park Canoe / Kayak Launch

19075 Dubois Rd, 

Jupiter, FL, United States

I had a fantastic family outing at this park. We arrived in the morning and were delighted to see kids enjoying the little swimming area. Picnic tables were scattered around, making it easy for us to enjoy a meal. The best part was launching our kayaks, which added an adventurous touch to our visit. The sight at the end of the dock, with wild waves splashing and soaking us, created lasting memories.

We couldn’t resist the allure of the inlet’s late picnic spot, dipping into the water, and watching boats come and go, not to mention the picturesque lighthouse. It truly felt like experiencing Florida at its best.

Jupiter Island & Coral Cover Launch

19450 County Hwy 707, 

Tequesta, FL, United States

The water was a mesmerizing turquoise, and it felt so inviting and warm. The lifeguards added to the positive experience, being not only watchful but also friendly, readily answering any questions we had. It was indeed a fantastic way to spend a day.

The beach had its unique charm, with soft sandy stretches and an abundance of seashells, perfect for a leisurely beachcombing stroll. What’s more, it was within walking distance of Blowing Rock, which made it incredibly convenient. The presence of facilities like bathrooms, showers, a playground, and lifeguards further enhanced our visit. The availability of ample parking was also a plus, and the smaller rocks near the steps provided a picturesque setting as the tide rolled in.

The drive to this beach was well worth it, and the pristine surroundings and the relaxing atmosphere made it an ideal place to unwind. The cleanliness of the water only added to the overall appeal.

Places to rent paddleboards:

Jupiter Pointe

18701 Southeast Federal Highway, 

Jupiter, FL

What stands out about Jupiter Pointe Paddling is the consistently friendly and kind staff. Their service is commendable, making it a place worth recommending to others. I found their young and helpful team to be a great asset, making my day of paddling highly enjoyable.

The process was quick and hassle-free, as we swiftly got on the boards and ventured onto the water. The surroundings and the area were delightful, providing a beautiful backdrop for our paddling adventure.

Jupiter Outdoor Center

9060 W Indiantown Rd, 

Jupiter, FL 33478, United States

The check-in process was seamless and efficient, with a kind and helpful staff that made me feel welcome. The kayaking journey through the river was nothing short of amazing, and I left with a strong desire to return soon to explore more of what this place has to offer. The break spots along the river were not only convenient but also incredibly beautiful, providing perfect opportunities to relax and take in the scenery.

One of the standout aspects was the reasonable pricing and the wide variety of activities to choose from. It catered to different preferences and budgets, making it accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of visitors.

Blueline Surf & Paddle

997 N Hwy A1A, Jupiter,

FL, United States

Blueline Surf offers a wide selection of top-quality equipment, clothing, swimsuits, and unique local products, making it my go-to place for all things related to paddleboarding. The rental services are convenient when I want to bring my family and friends along. We’ve enjoyed Tuesday Night racing events with our kids, which is so much fun.

The staff there is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, which made choosing the right paddle boarding equipment a breeze. They even assisted me when I was a beginner, and I’ve become a paddleboarding enthusiast ever since.

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